I am a self-educated technologist, entrepreneur and a Singularity University alum. My history with software goes back to early childhood having been specifically focused on educational technologies since 2009. I co-founded and was the CTO of two K12 ed-tech companies: PangeaTools (acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2011) and Exploros - my current venture. To date, my work includes virtual science labs, peer-to-peer collaboration apps, digital curriculum production tools and cloud based distribution platforms.

While at Singularity University, I focused on the application of sensors to healthcare, wellness and fitness and have been advising and prototyping with startups in this space. I am also an open source developer and the owner of several original projects.

My main competence is turning ideas into products and companies. While I primarily take joy in designing, coding and prototyping I am well versed in turning such into complete products and building companies around them.

I believe technology has the potential of solving many of the challenges we face as a society and that those of us with technical skills should put them towards this greater good. I enjoy working with individuals who share this philosophy and focus on projects that have the potential of making a positive impact in peoples' lives.

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Recent Projects

Exploros focuses on the virtual classroom and the use of real-time collaboration as means of developing non-cognitive skills. The system runs on the iPad and includes a teacher and student version. It encourages peer instruction and group work with deeply collaborative curriculum, such that students and teachers work together and see each other's work in real time. >>

PangeaTools is an educational technology shop and a creative e-learning studio. It developed an in-browser step simulation engine and mathematical models driving virtual labs and science games. Additionally, it developed a web-based authoring tool with a visual scripting language and a distribution platform used to build interactive, multi-media rich curriculum. At peak, the company employed ~100 employees and was acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2011. >>

Jool is an experiment in changing physical activity behavior using a reward system. It is based on a wearable device that continuously monitored physical activity patterns and provided real-time feedback. The child is rewarded based on the intensity and diversity of his physical activity, and can play casual games in which he is encouraged to achieve physical activity goals. >>

Lifebeam is an Israeli company building physiological monitoring solutions. Its core technology is a laser-based sensor platform that enables continuous monitoring of physiological parameters. On top of this platform, Lifebeam offers a variety of monitoring applications, primarily for military and fitness use. Lifebeam was the winner of the 2011 "Ramon Breakthrough" contest sponsored by Google and the Israeli Ministry of Science. >>

scala-xmpp is an open source xmpp framework written in scala. The project provides core stanza encoding/decoding utilities and a framework for building servers, clients and external components. scala-xmpp is similar to ejabbered's exmpp and openfire's tinder/whack libraries but is a native scala implementation. As such it is optimized for high concurrency and utilizes scala's actors and java nio sockets via netty and naggati. >>